This training is designed for BRAND NEW REFEREES who have not reffed with the AYSA before and plan start reffing during our Fall & Lower Division in Aug-Oct. If you are interested in refereeing this fall, you must complete our AYSA training program, which consists of three parts: 1) an online component, 2) attending classroom instruction, and 3) and an on-field training session.  Students must complete all components, and pass a 50-question test to become certified. Referees are required to register with the AYSA, but not with the State Association. There are no registration fees, and all clinics are free. Our AYSA Basic Referee classes are offered in June and July.  On-field training dates will be arranged for registered referees after they have completed classroom requirements.

Our fall training program requires new referees to complete one or two 3 hr classroom sessions, depending on the age level they plan to officiate.  The first 3-hr class, (also known as Part A), includes all the training and information a referee needs to be certified to referee U8 and U10 games. The 2nd 3-hour session, (Part B), covers additional topics and instruction that will qualify a person to Center referee and Assistant Referee for U12-U13 Fall games

Our 2015 Classroom sessions for new referees are listed below.  New referees must attend a U8-U10/PartA training session on either June 28 or July 7.  Completing one of these classroom trainings and the other components will qualify referees to officiate U8 and U10 games.  If you would like to officiate U12 and U13 games, you also need to attend a U12-U13/PartB training session on either July 21 or July 26.

Officiating U8-U10 Games:     Sunday, June 28          6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Officiating U8-U10 Games:     Tuesday, July 7          12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Officiating U12-U13 Games:    Tuesday, July 21        12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Officiating U12-U13 Games:    Sunday, July 26           6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Officiating U8-U10 Games:      Sunday, Aug 9/16?   (Possible & tentative dates if can be arranged?)


Field training sessions will be arranged and scheduled during late July & early August. There will be two field dates scheduled before the fall season begins, and several others offered during the first two weeks of August. Remember, registrations will NOT be accepted the day of a class.

If you wish to begin refereeing in our August Lower Division & Fall Seasons, please send an email to Dave DeWitt at , (if you have not already done so).  That way we can make sure you are added to the correct clinic roster.  BUT...please make sure you have sent us which clinic date(s) you plan to attend.

To get started, please include the following information in your email:

    • Your full name
    • Home address, with Zip code
    • Phone number(s) Home & cell if avail
    • Primary Email address, (plus an alternate email addresses if you'd like)
    • Birthdate (use this format MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Parent(s) names (under 18 only)
    • Which soccer team you will play for, (if you play Fall soccer)
    • Which clinic date(s) you plan to attend

Once you've selected your clinic date, you will need to email the date of the class you have decided on along with your personal details above.  After we receive your information we will send an email packet that confirms your classroom times and clinic location, plus full instructions on how to complete your online sign-up and start your online training.  The email will also contain links to our AYSA referee web site where you will learn how to create your own referee account, and how to submit your referee availability for the season.



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