This training is designed for BRAND NEW REFEREES who have not reffed with the AYSA before and plan start reffing during our Fall & Lower Division in August-October.  New referees need to attend an AYSA Basic Referee course, offered in June and July. (2014 Clinic dates will be added below after April 1st).  Referees are required to register with the AYSA, but not with the State Association. There are no registration fees, and all clinics are free.
Our Fall training program requires referees to complete two distinct parts: 1) 2½, (or 5-hours) of classroom instruction; and 2) a outdoor Onfield training.  This training is for new referees who plan to start refereeing in August during our Lower Division and Fall programs.  Those seasons start on August 1st, and finish in mid-October. 
Instead of one 5 hour classroom instruction, new referees will attend their training in two separate sessions.  The first 2½-hour class know as Part A, will include all the information a referee will need to be certified to referee U8 and U10 games.  The 2nd 2½-hour session, Part B, will cover the topics a referee needs to Center referee and Assistant Referee for U12-U15 Fall games.  So, in order to referee just U8-U10 level games, a referee would only need to attend a Part A class, plus their Onfield Training session.
 Field trainings will be scheduled in late July & early August after referees complete their classroom work.  Onfield Training dates will be announce and arranged, and will be available after you register for your class and complete your classroom training.  There will be several formal field dates scheduled before the Fall season begins, and during the first two weeks of August.
If you wish to begin refereeing in our August Lower Division & Fall Seasons please send an email to Dave DeWitt at so he can add you to our New Referee list.
Please includes the following information in your email: 
  • Your full name  
  • Home address, with Zip code 
  • Primary Email address, plus an alternate email addresses if you'd like
  • Phone number(s) Home & cell if avail
  • Birthdate  (use this format MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Parent(s) names (under 18 only)
(Registration details & Training instructions will emailed to you after you submit your information.)
We are offering Clinics for 2014 Lower Division Referees on these dates:
      Part A Classes - (Dates to be announced after April 1st, 2014)
      Part B Classes - (Dates to be announced after April 1st, 2014)
[ Sunday class times: will run in the evening, after 5:00pm; Weekday class times: will run mornings & early afternoons between 10:00am and 3:00 pm ]
A new referee will need to attend at least one of the above classroom sessions and one On-field training session.  You will receive an email that include instructions on how you select and register for a class. Once you've selected your clinic date, I will email full classroom details and instrucions on how to complete sign-up and training. It will also contain directions and links showing how and where to access our web site and how to submit your referee availability for the season.


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