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Step Ahead Soccer offers curriculum designed specifically for volunteer coaches of young players.    AYSA has purchased the excellent U6 and U8 training curriculums and is offering them to our coaches.  

Please click here to access a great training program for coaches of U6 players.


Please click here to access a great training program for coaches of U8 players.

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What impact do you have on your players?  

Are you interested in coaching for success of your players ON  and OFF the field?

As a coach, you are the most important role model in the lives of your players. It is an unfortunate reality that many of the youth you interact with face violence and abuse in their relationships, homes, and other environments. Our youth deserve an equal playing field where they can achieve their full potential as athletes and human beings. YOU can help ensure this.


Click "Read More" to find out about our Coaching for Change program.



MYSA maintains a lending library of DVDs and books at the state office. These materials can be utilized by either visiting the state office or for those living too far from our location, please contact Chato Alvarado at 952-252–1688
(800-366-6972) or via e-mail at

Click here  and select Lending Library for lists of available books and DVD's.  

What are developmentally appropriate  exercises?

When picking activities always remember what the game of soccer is like - players are moving around constantly. Because everyone is moving the environment is constantly changing which requires players to be constantly making decisions. It is because of this that practice games are more effective than 'drills' at teaching kids how to play soccer, even when dealing with techniques like how to pass the ball. Many coaches choose to do drills that involve players standing in lines waiting to have a turn.  This type of drill is not 'soccer-like'.  No child should be encouraged to stand in a line and wait a turn.  There are plenty of soccer like games that can be used to teach any technique or tactical concept. 


      Enjoyment is the unifying motive. Some children don't want to learn. Some don't care about winning. A few have no interest in hard work and one or two can't remember which goal they're attacking. In spite of all of their different agendas they all want to have fun and play a game, that is what brings them there.

They also want to be children. Too often the coach sees them as an extension of his vision and  they become puppets to it. The time spent at practice and at the games is a part of their childhood. It should not reflect the adult world. Some  adults forget this and their expectations take the fun out of the experience. Take time to consider coaching style and understand that your expectations and hopes may not be shared by the children you're coaching.

Click here for  age and developmentally appropriate training sessions from Minnesota Youth Soccer .

Click here for age and developmentally appropriate training sessions from Massachusetts Youth Soccer 



No matter how young your players are, working on ball manipulation skills is a must. These skills give players the ability to push, move, drag or manipulate the ball and become its master.  

But I never played soccer I can’t demonstrate ball skills! 

Yes you can, the coach demonstrates the move slowly in easy to copy steps. You can always recruit a college or high school player to show the moves at speed. Spend 15 minutes every practice on individual skills and don’t be put off because it is difficult, repetition is the key to player development.

Check out the links below: 

Example one from GT Soccer

Example two from Teach PE, some great drills and ball skills (scroll down the page for videos)

Example three  from youtube. A good resource for many different soccer related videos



Do you know how to recognize the signs of concussion?  Do you know how you, the coach or parent, should deal with a player that may have a concussion?  Learn more in this CDC sponsored concussion video.
Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. It features interviews with leading experts, dynamic graphics and interactive exercises, and compelling storytelling to help you recognize a concussion and know how to respond if you think that your athlete might have a concussion.
Click Here to access the video.
Are you interested in increasing your knowledge of soccer rules?
We have included a number of short video presentations on soccer rules in order to give coaches and parents an opportunity to better understand the rules of the game and how referee make their on field decisions.  Each topic is very short, about ten minutes, and presented in an informative and easy to understand format.
These presentations will give viewers an opportunity to see the information presented to referees in order to help them discern the difference between a legal challenge and a foul.
  Here are links to video rules topics:


Do you coach players that have asthma?  Learn more about how to help those players have the best possible youth soccer experience and receive a free Coaches Clipboard!



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