When: May 4, 2014
Time:  1pm - 7 PM (One hour break)
Location: This clinic will be held in Duluth, at a location to be announced upon registration.
Instructors: MYSA Coaching Staff
This Clinic is free of charge 

 Course Description
This 6-hour course is designed to improve U10-U18 coaches’ ability to teach the application of technique in the game: how to pass, receive, dribble, shoot, head, and defend including goalkeeping. Technical aspects of these skills will be broken down for coaches to analyze within game-like activities best suited for training players in a team setting.


Course Outcomes
Coaches should be better able to:
 Identify key physical movements involved in performing soccer skills.
 Create activities that emphasize technical development and facilitate player learning.
 Analyze player performance and address technical improvements.
 Employ a variety of coaching methods and connect them to appropriate learning moments.

Candidate Expectations

 Prior to attending, watch the 5-minute MYSA Technical Certificate Online Module at http://my.brainshark.com/MYSA-    Technical-Certificate-Online-Module-265221276.
 Actively participate as a player in sessions if physically able.
 Contribute to a positive learning environment for all participants.

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